Holistic Birth Doula in Surrey and Langley, BC 

Birth Doula Package Includes:

1 phone or video consultation at no charge.

Monthly video chats to work through anything that comes up for you. This can include fear release, meditation, receiving Reiki, discovering your values, and more.

2 in person prenatal visits. We cover holistic birth stages, comfort measures, and so much more. We get down to what's most important for you in this pregnancy and birth journey.

Unlimited support from time of hire until about eight weeks postpartum. Call, text, or email when you have questions, concerns, or updates to share.


On-call for birth support starting at 37 weeks gestation. Weekly online check-ins from this point until your baby is born.

During your birth process, I will play a supportive role for you (and your partner if you have one), encouraging and standing with you. I will help you to feel calm and safe, so that you can follow your body's instincts and urges. I provide comfort as needed, with such things as massage, Reiki, reflexology, supporting your movement, and pain relief techniques, including use of a TENS unit and birth pool. I will act as a calming presence throughout your journey, staying until a few hours after your baby is born.

2 postpartum visits, to support you as you adjust to life at home with your new baby. This can include basic breast/chestfeeding support, help with newborn care (first bath, nail clipping, babywearing), and more. These visits are also a great opportunity for you to enjoy a foot reflexology session!

4 full sessions of Reiki or reflexology. You can choose which healing modality suits you best, and when you'd like to receive them.

$1475 (retainer $600 to reserve your spot)

All Cedar Sisters babies receive the gift of a tiny tree after they are born. The tree will be around the same age as your baby, so that they can grow up together. 

We have all kinds of species you can choose from: red cedar, douglas fir, red maple, oak, chestnut, and more. 

Taking care of the Earth is one of our great passions, and we love having the opportunity to share it with your growing family!

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