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Fertility & Pregnancy Release (Miscarriage, Abortion, Loss)

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 Not every pregnancy ends with a healthy, living baby. 
Not everyone who becomes pregnant wants to have a baby. 
Not every person who wants to be pregnant has an easy time   conceiving. 


These aren't easy truths for the general population to face, but you are here because at least one of them is true for you, and you have no choice but to deal with it.

As a full-spectrum holistic doula, I am trained to support your reproductive wellness, however that looks for you.

Fertility Support:

Perhaps you are seeking support because you have a reproductive health condition (PCOS, endometriosis, irregular menstrual cycles, etc.), or maybe there is no clinical reason that you aren't able to conceive. Maybe you have been pregnant, but your pregnancies are ending soon after they begin. Perhaps you are using IUI or IVF to conceive, and you want to balance this medical support with holistic support. Whatever the case, this is the perfect time for you to add holistic reproductive support to your life.

What does fertility support look like?

We will start with a conversation about your fertility journey, your health history, and what sort of support you need most at this time. This could be a combination of any of the following:

Informational Support:
I will share my resources (books, etc.) with you, and help you to learn about caring for your womb, tracking your cycles, basic nutrition and herbal support, and holistic things you can do to support your fertility.
Emotional Support:
You may have a hard time talking to your loved ones about some of the things you're feeling. Trying to conceive can bring up feelings of jealousy, guilt, anger, resentment, hopelessness, and more. It may not be easy to share these feelings with people close to you, but I will hold space for you to release whatever is on your mind and in your heart.
Physical Support: 
There are things you can do to support your body's wellness. One of these things is reflexology. Having regular sessions can help your body to heal itself, regulate menstruation, balance hormones, and more.
Energetic/Spiritual Support:
Sometimes, what is blocking pregnancy is not a physical issue, but something going on behind the scenes. Maybe someone has a deep-seated fear of being a parent, or a rocky relationship with their own mother. For some people, they may have had a previous trauma related to pregnancy or birth, and their body doesn't want to go through something like that again. Reiki can be very beneficial to anyone who is trying to conceive, whether or not they know what may be happening for them energetically.


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Miscarriage/Loss Support:

Losing a pregnancy or a baby at any stage can be devastating. Pregnancy loss is natural and common, but that doesn't make it any easier when it happens to us.

Holistic support can include energy healing (Reiki), reflexology, emotional support, physical in-person support, healing ceremonies, recommendations for herbs and teas that can help your body to heal, and more. 

I have experienced pregnancy loss myself, and my experiences give me insight into what others may be needing as they go through it.



Whatever the reason you are choosing to end this pregnancy, you deserve non-judgemental support as you walk this path. 

Holistic support can include physical in-person support for appointments, healing ceremonies, energy healing (
Reiki), reflexology, emotional support, recommendations for herbs and teas that can help your body to heal, and more. 


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Prices vary depending on what type of support you need. Typically, a support package for fertility, loss, or termination will include:
1 intake/discovery session (45-60 minutes)
1 Reiki session (60 minutes)
2 reflexology sessions (60 minutes each)
2 in-person support sessions (time varies depending on the support required)
Unlimited email/text/phone support from time of hire until all sessions are complete.
(Packages can be tailored to your needs, this is just an example).

$350.00 +gst

*Pay what you can options are available as needed, please send a message if you need help and have limited resources.

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