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Cedar Sisters... 

What's in a name?

Western Red Cedars are one of British Columbia's greatest beauties. They are strong, yet soft. They have an incredible calming effect. If that sounds like crazy hippie talk, I challenge you to go sit near one for just 5 minutes and see how you feel afterward! A Cedar Sisters doula brings a similar calming energy to every fertility session, every birthing experience, every Reiki and reflexology session, and every postpartum visit. 

We need sisters today more than ever. In a world where many of us are distant from family and feeling isolated from our support networks, we need someone who will truly see us, encourage us, and relate to us as an imperfect human who deserves to be loved and respected. Sisterhood is not just biological, not limited to any particular gender, and not even limited to only humans. We can relate to plants, trees, and animals as sisters, too!

Cedar Sisters was born out of a combination of my love of trees and my purpose in this world to join people through their reproductive journeys. Cedar Sisters will show up for you with the heart and care of a sister, bringing along the calming and restorative energy of trees.


Hi! I'm Katrina Fortin. I've been a fully trained doula since 2016. I support people along the full spectrum of their reproductive years. 

Besides being a wife, mother, and a passionate birth worker, I am a nature care-taker. I volunteer in local parks removing invasive species, so that the native trees and plants can thrive. I rescue tiny tree seedlings from yards and sidewalks and foster them until they are ready to be planted.​

My approach to full-spectrum doula support is one of listening, encouragement, sharing information, being a comforting presence, and holding space for whatever comes up for you as you walk this part of your life's path.

Still have questions? Here's a little Q&A to ease your way.

Where do you work?

I recently moved from Surrey to Chilliwack, BC. I am available as a birth and postpartum doula to families living in Chilliwack and surrounding areas. My aim is to set up a space in my new home in which I can offer Reiki and reflexology sessions. (Stay tuned!) Some of my services can be done virtually, such as energy healing for fertility, loss, fear release, birth trauma healing, and more. Distance healing is powerful and effective, go to my Reiki page to learn more.

What trainings and experience do you have?


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Is there anything else you'd like to know? Send    a message!

"Words can not describe or sum up the absolutely incredible experience we had with Katrina at Cedar Sisters. Katrina is a beautiful & grounded soul, and was the most supportive doula. She has an innate ability to give exactly what you need, before you even knew you needed it. I received both Reiki and reflexology from her as well and it was such a healing and relaxing experience. Can't recommend her enough and would have her be present with us for baby #2 in a heartbeat."
-Sydney Love, Surrey BC

Heading 1

"Katrina is the best doula. She's so calming, and helped keep me focused throughout the entire labor. She is loving and caring by nature, which is so encouraging and truly helped me find strength when it waned. My husband is especially grateful for her calming presence during the delivery, as the whole process can be hard for our partners, too. I'm so happy with my decision to have Katrina present at the birth of my beautiful baby girl. I can't imagine doing it without her and will absolutely ask her to be there for the birth of my next child, too!"-Tanya Woodside, Surrey BC

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