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Grief Support & Holding Space


We are all carrying grief, whether or not we acknowledge it.

Maybe for you right now, the grief is new and it can't be ignored or tucked away. Perhaps you've lost a loved one, or had a recent separation or divorce. You deserve to have a place to come and have your grief held, to be truly listened to and companioned through this time of hurt, confusion, and pain. 

Or maybe you haven't had a recent loss that you can name that would explain why you feel heavy, or tight, or why it seems you've lost some of the light that used to shine in your life. Not knowing the reason for the heaviness can make it more difficult to live with. 

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Wherever you are on your journey to acknowledging and working through your grief, it is vital that you have all kinds of different supports in place. Our society in general is uncomfortable with pain, including the pain of grief and loss- especially if it's grief due to the death of a loved one. Grief is often viewed as something to be treated, to be 'gotten over'. People are often present and sympathetic for the first month or so after a loss, but then you are left to hold your pain alone. 

Having the support of family, friends, pets, nature, medical care providers, counsellors, bodyworkers, etc. can be enough for some people, and they may feel they have all they need in order to move through this time. But for others, there may be gaps in their support circles.

Perhaps you have been led to this page on the interweb for a reason, dear one.


I have been trained in Grief Work through the Institute for the Study of Birth Breath and Death, and am a certified Holding Space Consultant. I offer compassionate presence in a way that integrates mindful breathing, reflective listening, a focus on your body’s wisdom/sensations, and meditation. Of all these skills and tools, it is the deep listening that many of us lack access to in our daily living and find so refreshing when we get to experience it. I listen with patience and presence as you take time to be with the pain, as much as you feel ready to, and gently hold it and release some of it. 

It is important to note that Holding Space work is distinct from formal clinical counselling, and that I work under a Scope of Practice as laid out by the Institute.

50 minute Holding Space Consultations are currently offered online via zoom, or in person in the Chilliwack area in your home, or in my home treatment room.

Investment for online Holding Space Consultation: $85

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"Katrina has a generous, gentle spirit. In our release session, Katrina listened and offered wise words to help me process and let go. After our session, I felt a noticeable increase in my energy and a reconnection to my source of creativity and intuition. I highly recommend Katrina. She is an expert in showing up and holding space in a kind, compassionate, non-judgemental way."  -Miranda K, Vancouver

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