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Reiki is an energy healing practice that complements all other wellness practices, both medical and alternative. The word Reiki is Japanese and means "universal life energy". Each Reiki session begins with a conversation where you will share what's going on for you, and we will uncover your intention for the session. Humans are so much more than our physical bodies, we are also emotional, spiritual, and energetic beings. However, we are most often focused on our physical needs (hunger, thirst, comfort, warmth, rest), and on all of the things we need to 'do'. We neglect to take care of our deeper needs, and we don't spend time 'being with' what's going on under the surface. A Reiki session is a time for you to be gently supported into a state of deep relaxation, where old or stuck energy or emotions can move or be released, leaving you feeling lighter and more centred in your self. 

Reiki Treatment

People may seek Reiki for:


*Emotional Balance


*Healing old wounds and traumas

*Self-care and relaxation

*Birth Trauma

*Pregnancy Loss or Termination

*Fear Release during Pregnancy

*Breech Baby

*Trying to Conceive

There is no time limit for healing. You may come with wounds that you've carried for years, or it may be something you are dealing with now. It is never too late or too early to begin your healing journey, or to take the next step, and I would love to hold space for you wherever you are at.


Sessions are currently offered virtually on Zoom. In person sessions will be available starting in October 2023, more info to come! Sessions may include hands-on healing, guided meditation, healing ceremonies, guided journalling, and more.

For more about Reiki, you can check out the video below. A wonderful, yet challenging thing about energy healing is that it can't be fully understood or put into words, and I am always learning more about it.


1 hour session: $85

"Katrina has a generous, gentle spirit. In our release session, Katrina listened and offered wise words to help me process and let go. After our session, I felt a noticeable increase in my energy and a reconnection to my source of creativity and intuition. I highly recommend Katrina. She is an expert in showing up and holding space in a kind, compassionate, non-judgemental way."  -Miranda K, Vancouver

"I have never really believed in Reiki or any other sort of "spiritual healing" because to me it wasn't tangible, if I couldn't see it then I couldn't explain it and if I couldn't make sense of it then it must not be real .....BUT I can now say that I am a believer 100%! Katrina has been able to help release feelings/energy that I have been carrying around with me without me even knowing I was feeling in such a negative way. After I have had my sessions of Reiki/Reflexology with Katrina, I walk away with a sense of feeling more centered and more at peace internally, more in-tuned with myself." -Jenn R, Surrey

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