newborn on mother's chest


Whatever led you here, I am glad that your path has brought you to Cedar Sisters. I offer holistic support for those who are in their reproductive years. People who are preparing or trying to conceive, those experiencing pregnancy loss or termination, folks who are pregnant, and people with new babies all need to feel nurtured and held as they go through these transitions. 

As a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner, I am trained in full spectrum doula support (fertility, loss, termination, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum), Reiki, and reflexology

Holistic Reproductive care is more than just doula care: I will bring attention to your physical needs, and your emotional and spiritual needs as well. We can work together to get your body, mind, and spirit in balance as you follow your path.

Having the Cedar Sisters on your support team will ensure that no matter what happens, you have someone with you who understands your needs, and can hold space for you, whatever you are going through.

Companioning is about going to the wilde

I am grateful to live and work in the unceded traditional and ancestral lands of the Semiahmoo, Katzie, Kwantlen, and Sto:lo nations. 

Please take the time to nourish your mind and body with this gentle guided relaxation.