Kind Words from supported families...

"Words can not describe or sum up the absolutely incredible experience we had with Katrina at Cedar Sisters. Katrina is a beautiful & grounded soul, and was the most supportive doula. She has an innate ability to give exactly what you need, before you even knew you needed it. I received both Reiki and reflexology from her as well and it was such a healing and relaxing experience. Can't recommend her enough and would have her be present with us for baby #2 in a heartbeat."

-Sydney Love, Surrey BC


"I have never really believed in Reiki or any other sort of "spiritual healing" because to me it wasn't tangible, if I couldn't see it then I couldn't explain it and if I couldn't make sense of it then it must not be real .....BUT I can now say that I am a believer 100%! Katrina has been able to help release feelings/energy that I have been carrying around with me without me even knowing I was feeling in such a negative way. After I have had my sessions Reiki/Reflexology with Katrina, I walk away with a sense of feeling more centered and more at peace internally, more in-tuned with myself. My 18 year old daughter has been struggling so I made an appointment for her to also see Katrina, speaking with my daughter afterwards and listening to her experience during her session brought me so much joy! My daughter was able was to walk away from her session feeling lighter and more positive. I have strongly recommended Katrina's services to my close friends and family and I truly love hearing about their positive experiences after their sessions! Katrina is the real deal and is really blessed with her craft!"
-Jenn Roche, Surrey BC


"Katrina is the best doula. She's so calming, and helped keep me focused throughout the entire labor. She is loving and caring by nature, which is so encouraging and truly helped me find strength when it waned. My husband is especially grateful for her calming presence during the delivery, as the whole process can be hard for our partners, too. I'm so happy with my decision to have Katrina present at the birth of my beautiful baby girl. I can't imagine doing it without her and will absolutely ask her to be there for the birth of my next child, too!"
-Tanya Woodside, Surrey BC

"I hired Katrina as soon as I found out I was expecting. I wanted to have a doula right from the start in the event something unexpected would happen with my pregnancy and to have that early support. While my pregnancy was normal physically, I wasn't expecting to be pregnant during a pandemic, where so many things were changing for birthing persons, doula's, and midwives, and new rules came into play. I needed support mentally, constantly feeling I was on this rollercoaster of emotions and uncertainty. But Katrina was there to help me through the ride.

Whenever I had questions or concerns, Katrina was there to help me find the information to make an informed choice. She gave me the space I needed to release my fears, to shake off the stress I carried on my shoulders, to find the courage to get my questions answered, and was willing to support me however I decided to give birth. I couldn't have done it without Katrina by my side to reassure me during the birth that all was well, and how I was doing a great job and to keep going.

She lent me her strength when I was feeling weak. She had faith in me when at times I lost faith in myself. She knew what I desired with my birth and did everything possible to make sure it happened. She reassured me yet again and took care of me in my early weeks of postpartum, checking in daily and encouraging me in my breastfeeding journey. Katrina is and always will be a huge part of mine and my daughter's birth story. I would definitely hire her for my future pregnancy's, not only because of how amazing she is as a doula, but because she also makes a mean cup of tea. ;)"

-Nicole B, Surrey BC