Holistic Fertility Support

Thank you for being here. Wherever you are on your fertility journey, we are glad you have found yourself looking into holistic support at this point. If you are receiving any medical help to conceive, adding these holistic methods will not hinder the treatment you are receiving, but may instead help your body to accept the treatments. If you have not sought medical help to conceive, starting with a holistic approach may be enough to help you achieve pregnancy.

Each person's (and each couple's) fertility journey is unique, and we would love to learn more about you, and what support you need at this time.

To start, let's look at the energetic balance in your life.

Do you consider yourself balanced? Some areas where many of us are out of balance are:⁠⁠

action / stillness⁠

masculine / feminine⁠

doing / being⁠

giving / receiving⁠

work / play⁠

logic / intuition

⁠productivity /  creativity

Do you find yourself more on one side than the other when you look at that list? These imbalances can show up in our bodies. For some people, it shows up as a hormonal imbalance in the form of conditions like hyper/hypothyroidism and PCOS. For others, it might present as a reproductive system condition such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, irregular cycles, or fibroids. These conditions can negatively affect our menstrual cycles, which affects our fertility. In men, imbalances can effect their sperm quantity as well as quality (mobility and motility). All of these conditions can make it difficult for those who are trying to conceive. ⁠⁠Living with any of these conditions can affect your overall health and happiness, with or without a diagnosis.⁠

Our holistic approach begins with a basis of reflexology. While we never claim to cure any conditions, reflexology assists the body in returning to balance, where healing can take place. The body heals itself, and reflexology allows for this to happen. Regular reflexology sessions continuously return the body to the relaxed state that is beneficial for balancing all of the body's systems, including the endocrine (hormonal) system.⁠ Many people who receive regular reflexology sessions report that their cycles regulate, and symptoms of reproductive conditions cease, sometimes with the condition itself being healed (such as fibroids disappearing). 


We also offer Reiki for fertility support. Reiki is a form of energy healing that can help to move stuck energy, and to release emotional blocks that may be preventing pregnancy.


When you come in for reflexology and/or Reiki, we will spend some time talking about all aspects of your health. We can help to determine if there may be some changes you could implement in order to bring your body into full health and balance. We will give you 'homework' to complete between sessions, so that you can take charge of your healing. 

If this is the kind of healing support you are looking for, send us a message to book an appointment. Thank you.


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